Under wartime conditions we strive for peace! We are going to demonstrate the whole world through art, unity, creativity and talent that Ukrainian people deserve peace on their land!
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Presentation of the “Peace” project” and “MirArt creative space
in the international Boryspil airport

Charity organization “HappyMir” with the assistance of the International organization Peace One Day is inviting you to the presentation of the project “Mir” and for the preliminary acquaintance with the creative space that goes under the name of MirArt and is going to be in operation on a regular basis in Boryspil Airport.

The creative space of MirArt that is managed by a famous Ukrainian gallerist Marina Shcherbenko and that was initiated by Alena Zhebrovskaya who in turn is an expert of creative communications and a founder of a charity organization “HappyMir”, contains some renowned works of contemporary Ukrainian artists: Danyyl Halkyn, Mariya Pavlenko, Viktor Sydorenko, Vasyl’ Tatarsky. It also houses common art objects created by famous Ukrainians as well as by average citizens, who had taken part in the events organized by the project MIR. Within the framework of the creative space of MirArt an outdoor photography display is due to be held. The display will comprise the works of Ukrainian photographers, invited by Viktor Marushchenko: Andriy Skakodub, Andriy Mosiyenko, Volodymyr Myloserdov, Roman Pashkovskiy, Ihor Rudenko.

The main goal of MirArt is to demonstrate the whole world that Ukraine is a wonderful country deserving peace and a happy life, whilst Ukrainians are sincere, hospitable and patriotic people striving for peace on their land. That’s is why the location of the creative space is symbolic and is represented by the international airport, which is the place where happens the first acquaintance with the country. And everyone who visits Ukraine will see that being at war we still strive for peace!

On the program:

Press conference with the organizers, managers of MirArt and the airport, artists and famous Ukrainians who supported the project Mir.

Excursion around the creative space of MirArt with Marina Shcherbenko


Agency of Creative Communications AVera


International Boryspil Airport, Terminal D, Сonference Hall

Accreditation:+38 063 853 01 87, wordmaster@avera.com.ua, Iryna Salo

Transfer Service:

Near Kharkivska metro station at 12:30 and in the return direction after the end of the event.

Mind you, accreditation is compulsory.